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Proper training assures the dog will be the best jumper the dog can be. Weather the goal is to entertain friends or win Gold at the World Championships, proper training will assure the dog achieves that goal.

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  Getting the Most out of Speed Retrieve

  Back to the Basics

  Become a Conditioning Coach

  A Toy Motivated Sport
           Motivate the Distance 
           Motivate the Height 
        Motivate the Speed

  Understanding and Working "The Chase" 

  Periodization For The Pup  Part I 

  Understanding Physical Conditioning 

  Big Air Obedience 

  Nutrition and the Performance Dog 

 Dock Jumping 101

Overview  |  Getting Started  |  Dock Work
With Height comes Distance

Prep for Game Day

Hunt, Field and Retriever vs. Dock Jumping Training

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